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5 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep

A lack of sleep is not only tiring, it can also affect your blood...

Diabetes and Depression

Depression needs to be monitored as closely as diabetes. It’s important to be...

How to Stamp Out Stress

Stress can affect blood glucose levels. Learn ways to cope so that you can...

Keys to Staying Positive

Diabetes requires commitment and hard work – but it’s important to stay...

Managing the Dawn Phenomenon

Early morning highs in blood glucose (the “dawn phenomenon”) are common...

OneTouch Verio Reflect™ meter

OneTouch Verio Reflect™ meter

The only meter that gives you guidance with Blood Sugar Mentor messages to help you know what those numbers mean and what you can do about them.


OneTouch Reveal® app

Helps manage your diabetes in the moment and on the go. Download today at no charge!

Always use your current numerical result for immediate treatment decisions and talk to your healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diabetes care plan.