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Preparing for Your Virtual Health Appointment

Virtual Health Appointment

Seamlessly provide your blood glucose results to your healthcare provider.


Did you know you can connect your OneTouch Verio Reflect® and OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to the OneTouch Reveal® app and send your results to your circle of care? You can also connect your results to the Apple Health app by pairing the OneTouch Reveal® app. Allow your healthcare provider to view your blood glucose results right in the app during your Telehealth appointment.


What to do daily:


  1. Prepare your connection ensuring your computer, tablet or phone is charged and your volume and camera are turned on.
  2. Get settled comfortably in a quiet place with the screen pointed toward your face.
  3. Write down questions for your doctor before the call.
  4. Share your blood glucose results with your healthcare professional:

    Via email: With the OneTouch Reveal® app you can share results and reports remotely via email.

    Through Apple Health app: The OneTouch Reveal® app can also share your blood glucose results with the Apple Health app. Telehealth or remote monitoring companies can access this important information through the Apple Health connection.

Support for Getting Started with the OneTouch Reveal® app

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The OneTouch Verio Reflect® and OneTouch Verio Flex® meters sync seamlessly with the OneTouch Reveal® app.