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Terms of offer: This meter offer entitles the bearer to either one (1) FREE OneTouch Verio Reflect™ meter or (1) FREE OneTouch Verio Flex® meter with the purchase of 100 OneTouch Verio® test strips.

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    OneTouch Verio Reflect™ Meter

    The only meter with Blood Sugar Mentor™ messages that give you personalized guidance, insight, and encouragement so you can take action to help avoid highs and lows.Ŧ

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    OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter

    Features ColourSure® technology which automatically highlights when your blood sugar is low, in range, or high, so it’s easierŦ Ŧ to know when to take actionŦ



Ŧ Treatment decisions should be based on the numerical result and healthcare professional recommendation.

Ŧ Ŧ Compared to a result without colour. Based on a study with 103 patients with diabetes, conducted in the UK in 2015 and 2016 using a simulation of blood glucose results with and without a colour range indication(ColourSure® technology). 65% of 94 insulin using patients agreed.

*Always use your current result for immediate treatment decisions and talk to your healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diabetes care plan

ƚBased on a User Acceptance Study of 105 subjects conducted in the UK, 75% of people agreed. July 2018.

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