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Simple Ways to Add More Exercise to Your Life


Who says you need a gym to be active? There are simple, everyday ways to incorporate more exercise into your life.


Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a few simple choices every day can make a big difference for healthy diabetes management. Here are some ideas:

  • Skip the escalator. Try and take the stairs whenever possible.
  • Step, don’t sit. Step in place, instead of sitting, while watching TV.
  • Park farther away. Instead of parking near the entrance, park away from it. It’s an easy way to add a little exercise to your day (and makes finding a spot much easier!)
  • Move around at work. Every hour or so, stand up and move a little. It could be walking to a colleague’s office, or just moving around your office.
  • Clean your space. Household chores burn a surprising amount of calories (and have a practical benefit). So, go ahead and vacuum, mop or, yes, clean the bathroom as often as you like.

Keep in mind your blood glucose targets and remember to test regularly. In time, you can start to step up your activity level to perhaps include lunchtime walks or an exercise class.




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